FREE FILM - The man from earth

The Man From Earth is an independent film. It's producers have stated that they're very grateful for the people who've downloaded it from the internet. It's raised the profile of this film considerably. Now although I'm not advocating piracy in general, the producer of the film has actually thanked people for downloading it. It's pretty good for an independent film.

Can we assume that's it's ok to download this new movie? Please read this…it/

here's the trailer…Bdk…rth

There is a donate button on the film's website if you want to contribute, or you could also buy the DVD from amazon.…83/


Have seen the film on [url][/url], is worth a watch i'd say, i liked it

I can say without fear of contradiction that this one of the worst films I've ever seen. No wonder they're giving it away for free.

Moving to misc... we do not allow downloads as deals
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