Posted 25th Nov 2022
I have 2 hot wings on the KFC app expiring in the next few days and I'm not going to be able to make it to a KFC in time. I think a screenshot of my loyalty card is enough to trigger it on the till?

Please DM if you're able to use.
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    RE Greggs: the code is only valid for 25 minutes. So no, the screenshot won't work tomorrow morning. (edited)
    Screenshots normally work for me but I tried yesterday for the doughnut offer on O2 and it didn't work with a screenshot. Came up on the till with both codes that they were expired
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    Can I get the KFC one please, thanks
    ive got one if anyone wants it. 2 hot wings. (edited)
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    I remember some years ago there was an O2 voucher I used for an ice cream from a shop I cant recall. The staff acted very militant double checking it had a timer on and making sure it wasnt a screen shot.
    That was Thorntons and they were very aggressive, as were WHSmith in the past. Greggs don't give a damn (edited)
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