Found 18th Aug 2009
Hi Guys
I'm looking into experimenting with a forum but i'm not sure which one to try.
The only one i've tried is phpBB.
Anyone got any recommendations and how easy they are to use


other than phpbb, theres smf, vanilla, mybb...and quite alot more..also some online created one such as invisionfree, which is very versatile for a free online hosted forum too...remember when i was around 13 cusomtising, IF with skins and plugins/tools, its a good starter. for real software smf is a nice lightweight one. Theres always nulled scripts such as VB, IPB and so on but that goes into piracy laws and so on

PhpBB is best, and is one of the most Supported, tons of scripts, and ideas

pHpBB +1

phpbb here to, always updated so much help available, customisation until yours hearts content.
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