Free Freeview tuner 'worth' £60 for your PC when you sign up with Microsoft

Not much info on what the tuner is but I'm guessing it's a USB stick type and not really worth £60 but you can't complain when it's free!

Media Centre is included as standard in Windows Vista Premium and above as well as the forthcoming Windows 7.

Since the submission form seems to lose the direct link here it is -


Freeview TV Channels on Your PC.

TV tuner giveaway - Try it out and tell your friends!
Become one of our TV Ambassadors! If youve already got Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows Vista Ultimate, you could receive a free TV tuner valued at £60 so you can enjoy watching and recording live Freeview TV channels on your PC.

Just turn it on, watch and record your favourite TV shows from over 50 Freeview channels including BBC Three, ITV2, Film4, E4 and Dave, and tell us what you think. Spread the word and you could win free stuff: software, games, an XBox 360, and an ultimate home entertainment system. You could even be in our next ad. Interested?


Why is this cold? I think it's not bad as it's free!

It's not guaranteed that you'll get one - you may be selected is all.

I'm still going for it - heat!

I have signed up so will wait and see if I get one! Hot from me as nothing to lose! Thx!

One hell of a questionaire to fill in - not for me

Probably because you only get one if MS accept you into the trial


Why is this cold? I think it's not bad as it's free!

Possibly because it's not really a deal (or even an offer, for that matter) - it's a prize in a competition. From the lonk:
Just fill out the following survey before the offer ends on 23/09/2009. If you're selected, we'll send you a free TV Tuner
So they're not saying how many of these they're giving away (is it 2 or is it a million? ) so you can't say iif it's worth while going to the effort of filling in their form. Plus, no-one really trusts Microsoft with their information, anyway.

Title should be changed

You dont get a tv tuner when you sign up !!!!

You sign up to have a chance to become one of our TV Ambassadors! If you’ve already got Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows Vista Ultimate, you [COLOR="Red"]could [/COLOR]receive a free TV tuner valued at £60

Wish I didnt bother,

No offence to the OP

Even if you do get selected, you prob have to complete loads of marketing questionaires for them .

Not really worth it for a tv tuner

Wow... I actually wish I have Vista.

didnt take long to fill out the urvey, have some heat and rep.

wrongly expired thread again!

Hopefully all the cold voters didn't enter, if so, we're in with a chance! :-D

hot from me, even though its not really a deal.

The media centre app within windows 7 is excellent, been running the beta ever since it came out flawlesly :thumbsup:
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