Free Fuel Friday in June

KENT Radio station offering free fuel at different garages every Friday in June. (I can sense the blues hovering over the blue buttons already :-) )
I will not benefit but as this is a board offering freebies and this is why I am posting it.
Offer details online but participants will be forced to drag their car to relevant petrol staion to fill with fuel. I am sure this task will not be too arduous for some who may even find this useful. :-) Other please just pass offer by.


I have to say. Well done Invicta on producing such a retarded stunt. Give away fuel to 25 drivers while a few hundred WASTE fuel on the off chance (and then probably fill up at that petrol station). Epic fail.

waste of time sorry

should really be in the competition section as not free to everyone

Original Poster

Have requested with admin that offer is moved to competition section. Thank You for reading offer properly Michael. I had just scanned initial details.
When you think just how many people look at these boards just imagine what the effect could be if even a proportion of them sent an email to their local radio stations informing them what others are offering. Then maybe deals would be more widespread. Not suggesting that there may be a degree of apathy amongst some users but here is an anagram.
Oh for a smiley huggy world

1. Details of the Competition1.1 For the Duration of the Competition, … 1. Details of the Competition1.1 For the Duration of the Competition, listeners to the Participating Radio Station will be invited to enter the Competition by first listening to Invicta FM.1.2 On Friday June 20th and 27th the on-air presenter will reveal the location of a petrol station in Kent.1.3 The first 25 cars to arrive at the petrol station after the location has been revealed will be entitled to a maximum of £20 of free fuel in their petrol tanks.1.4 All matters relating to the selection at random of Entrants and all other matters relating to the Competition will be at the sole discretion of GCap Media and the Participating Radio Station.

So about 4 litres then :giggle:


So about 4 litres then :giggle:

That much......not!!!!
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