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Found 27th Jan
So for some time now I have just been giving out discount codes as well as some digital codes for free to anyone who is interested.

Most of the codes I have given out seem to have never been redeemed even till the very last minute of the those that have an expiry time to it

Why collect if you don’t need it or won’t use it ?

Why don’t you just leave it for people who truly want them and will redeem them ?

Is it greed or worse ???
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It's free. So no loss to the taker I guess.

That's the only issue with the misc section it's usually new 1 post accounts that take the free codes and don't post a thank you.
I’m fed up with the amount of newbies that join up just to get free codes, especially on the meerkat movie thread and then never to be heard of again. If I do give out free codes I always make sure they go to longstanding contributing members as I believe you’ve got to put something in before you can get something out.
Don’t stop donating the codes, just look at the membersdeals or discussions and see if you can get a better feel if the member is actually interested in the subject rather than just getting a freebie.
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