FREE GPS Software for Mobile phones

    This may be useful to somebody.

    You need a Series 60 phone (e.g. the Nokia 6630 or 6680) and a bluetooth GPS receiver. I'm not sure if it's required but a memory card might help.

    This software was designed for visually impaired users. It talks. I'm not sure what the visuals are like but seen as it's free, it might be worth a try.

    Does anyone here use TomTom or another GPS system, as a matter of interest??

    The free GPS software can be downloaded here:…ad/


    I use the garmin Quest sat nav i got from halfords i was one of the lucky people to get one when they were on offer:-D and its ace.

    I went for the PDA+Tomtom+BT GPS receiver option, not the cheapest way to go but can't say I've regretted it. Initially I was using it with a Dell Axim X50V, transferred it to an XDA Mini S with help from Tomtom who were very helpful (always good when you pay for software to get good support). I'm using the Globalsat BT-338 BT GPS receiver which is a Sirfstar III chipset and an excellent piece of kit - it gets a signal quickly and holds onto it well. Tomtom occasionally gives a weird route, especially if that part of the map is out of date but overall I've found it to be extremely good, you really need your gps to be reliable if you've just driven 380 miles after work and trying to find a certain area!

    My big concern with Tomtom is the very high rate of piracy, I don't know anyone else personally who actually bought the software for their PDA. Given their standalone line seems to be very successful with obviously no pirate issues I really hope they don't stop PDA development, it's great having a phone, PDA and GPS device all in one.


    Has anyone used this?

    used whot?


    used whot?

    A novel request I guess, but I was actually referring to the original thread that referred to free GPS software for the mobile phone.


    This may be useful to somebody.Does anyone here use TomTom or another GPS … This may be useful to somebody.Does anyone here use TomTom or another GPS system, as a matter of interest??]

    Yep I'm into Geocaching and use TomTom, MioMap and a handheld Garmin CSx60. :-D


    i use tomtom mobile on my misses phone works like a dream
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