Free. Gratis. Without Charge. Complimentary. You get the idea - Sealed copy of Resevoir Dogs on DVD!!

    Due to the winner of this last time not claiming their booty - its back up for grabs in my giveaway tradition.

    Post in the thread, thats your entry, draw will be made as usual, using integer generator, and the bottom right number on the grid is the winner!

    Good luck lovely HUKD peeps!!


    Should add, the draw will take place tomorrow at 10pm - item will be posted out Monday


    Oooo me please love this film Rep for your kind generiousity

    Yes please

    Brilliant film, yes please.

    nooo. be like mr orange and backstab them all - give it to me!

    Count me in please :-)

    :thumbsup:oooooooohhhhh yes please OH loves this film so much his copy is knackered:thumbsup:

    nice one! Thanks

    Count me in please.

    count me in!!!
    woo hoo

    ill have a gander

    Count me in as well please - rep left for generosity!

    I'm in gringo! Nice one!

    I am in please

    ahhh yes, would love it ... amazing film... pick me a film student


    Me please :thumbsup:

    count me in please - could finally get rid of that VHS I have of this film

    yes please

    Very nice thought MB, thanks!

    In before ..... someone!

    pop me in the hat please. :thumbsup:

    il jump in the hat


    count me in too please.

    count me in too

    Very generous & as ive never seen it, pls include me in the draw

    count me in dude

    me too pls :thumbsup:

    count me in mate very good off you :thumbsup:

    can i be in too please

    Rep added for the kind gesture.

    Count me in!! :thumbsup:

    me please

    "Are you gonna bark all day little doggie, or are you gonna bite"

    yes please

    How kind

    Never seen the film, sign me up! Thanks.


    I want this or else ..

    count me in - many thanks

    yes please


    me please!! Thankyou! xx

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