Free home draught 10 pint keg. Carling/Grolsch/Cools Light. First 5000 only!! Pick up from Morrisons! (** DO NOT POST REFERRALS **)

Found 4th Jun 2010
Looks like Home Draught are giving away a 10 pint keg to anyone who creates an account with them and creates an event and gets 5 others to join. Its genuine by the look if it, I know I'm a new user but it's a valid website.

All you need to do is sign up and create an event... Then get 5 others to join, then you get a free Keg to pick up from Morrisons

Limited to 5000 only!!!
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I seemed to have joined the event by accident lol. Oh well at least your closer to the keg.
Added to main post. If a mod could change the link of the deal it would be good (didn't realise you couldn't)

Don't see why its going cold.. Its free beer...
Using your own link is not allowed! but i do not car cus its a great offer! REP + heat
I have deleted all referrals as that is a serious HUKD rule breach

There is a zero tolerance to spam here. Anything that is deemed to be so … There is a zero tolerance to spam here. Anything that is deemed to be so will be removed with immediate effect and the spammer banned at the discretion of Admin and Moderators.* Self promotion of businesses and anyone involved with them, survey threads, charity request threads made without prior permission, auction sites (with the exception of 'eBay Deal Of The Day' threads, personal sales elsewhere, links to personal websites, [COLOR="Red"]requests for referrals, referral links,[/COLOR] third party affiliate links, advertising for personal gain and displaying of e-mail address in the forums is spam

Any attempt to post a referral will be deleted and the member suspended
I have also moved to Misc as this is a good heads up but not a specific deal
Please do not attempt any more rule breaches
Not a bad deal! btw its coors light not cools light, i have a mate that calls it the same!
It's probably been voted cold because your post is pretty awful... But still, I don't see why people don't want free beer... I've already got 30 pints on the way, and I'm in the process of creating more parties for me and my imaginary friends
anyone got their voucher yet?
nope, anyone else?
voucher came, first class recorded today
Sure this has been posted in Freebies before.

voucher came, first class recorded today

mine too :-D
You also get a free glass worth £2.50 when you buy it in Morrison's, we picked our's up Friday before the football! It was a very good deal!
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