Free home security pack including SmartWater from MetTrace (London only)

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SmartWater is a way for police to definitively link your valuable items to you. Almost invisible to the naked eye, the advanced liquid glows yellowy-green under UV light and every bottle has a unique forensic signature.

This means if the police recover a stolen item that has been marked with SmartWater, such as a bicycle, they will send it off to SmartWater, who will identify where the bottle is registered, allowing the safe return of the bike to its rightful owner and assist in convicting the burgler.

SmartWater can be used to invisibly tag all of your valuable items, from watches and jewellery to laptops and mobile phones. Guaranteed to last at least five years, once SmartWater has been applied it's almost impossible to remove.

Each MetTrace pack contains:

- a bottle of SmartWater forensic property marking fluid that can mark up to 50 items (costs £35 directly from SmartWater…s/)

- two window stickers

- a leaflet (or a tear-off slip) introducing MetTrace

- a leaflet explaining how we manage your data

- a booklet explaining how to apply SmartWater to your items

- a registration form with a tear off slip
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