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    Looks like all these have been available free for ages as I seem to own them all. Should this be in freebies as don't think there's ever been a charge?
    I thought so too and was sure I'd already picked up all the free ones when deals were put about them previously but turns out a good number of these were not in my library.

    Worth having a quick look I guess.
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    I've just ordered this game and didn't know about any freebies. Nice one for the post. Cheers.
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    Quite a fun game but really only ended up using the Koenigsegg for everything except one time trial near the end and as you can't scrap any Gift cars I didn't find much use for any of them.
    That's the main problem I had with the game. There's no real reason to use any cars other than the highest rated ones unless you're going for the few special achievements that require certain vehicles.
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    Been free for ages
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