Free International calling - Saudi to UK

Posted 26th Dec 2019

I'm currently in Saudi and wanted to call home in the UK. The Wifi at my hotel is poor (less than 1mbps) and I have no international calls available on my UK sim.

Is there an app (similar to using VPN) which would ping my phone to a UK connection and allow me to use my UK sim for calls back home.

I have unlimited calls/texts and 20GB data on my UK sim. Struggling to find a free service/app.

Any help is greatly appreciated :).

Thank you!
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You'd probably be better off trying a local sim-card rates would be calling out (if possible). This is what I have been doing when working around the world, also stops scammers getting hold of your real UK number and flooding it.

You could also try sending small video clips (not a full connection face time etc) via whatsapp. Short sound snippets would be less on bandwidth again, yet not ideal I know.
Try IMO I’ve had people abroad calling me from there including Saudi
If you are there for more than a few days, get a local SIM.
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You can use Skype calling which is quite cheap to the UK, or sign up for a virtual UK phone plan like Vonage. Both require internet connection but not very high speeds.
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