Free iPhone battery replacement from Apple

Found 24th May 2015
I don't think this is well known, but if you are having problems with your iPhone 5 battery life, you maybe eligible for a free replacement.
Just put your serial number into the website link below, and if you qualify take it to your nearest store for a free replacement. I did this with no problem at all and saved £49 on the normal price.
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also if you have a problem with your power button you may be eligible to get that repaired if you are in the affected batch.

both of these have been posted before but it's good to give a reminder to anyone who has missed it
Thanks for sharing this info OP.
Just had mine back from taking it in for power button repair. Apple Store in Birmingham provided a free loaner while mine was being repaired, took less than a week. They repaired the power button, replaced the battery and camera while they were at it which appears to be standard from other reports I've seen, all free outside warranty.

Power button replacement check for iPhone 5 here:…on/
Where do I find the serial number?
The serial number is in stettings,
Then general
i was just on the apple chat to arrange a collection for my phone, and i mentioned to the women i was talking to about the dodgy charging port on mine, and she said that that would also be replaced aswell as the sleep/wake button!
i want to know if your going to give me a free motherboard seen as you addesive tape underneath my battery causing me problems now my home button doesnt work and my phone battery doesnt go up even though its charging
Great post. My son's phone is eligible for new battery and new power button. Would never have known. Thanks hukd. least this post didn't cost me anything :-)
Will they replace the power button even if your phone shows no continuing problems at the moment?
just checked and our old iPhone is due for battery replacement, the screen has been replaced but with another genuine one so hopefully it won't matter
I had a problem with my top button this got fixed and they checked my battery too which also got fixed for free. Worth checking.
How can you get the serial number if you havent got the box or the phone doesn't turn on
It is on the back of the phone - serial number and IMEI number
Ok I just tried that and it's saying it's not eligible

Ok I just tried that and it's saying it's not eligible

Same for me too
I went in apple store Birmingham because my screen was popping out. They had a look and changed the whole phone for no cost( after 2 and half years) The guy who replaced it said, if battery problem they will change the phone for upto 3 years.
I had mine sent back (postal) as the screen was popping out, they said this wasn't covered... and didn't even change the power button that it was sent in for.

Maybe in store is best, do you have to make an appointment?
Where do I get the serial number? X
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