Free iPhone Express Replacement for EE and 3 Customers

Found 6th Dec 2015
So I thought I'd post this because it was something I didn't know myself before finding out when sending my iPhone for repair, and because it's something thats not very well advertised in general.

Essentially, if your iPhone becomes faulty under warranty for whatever reason, Apple's standard repair procedure is that you have to send it in for up to a week and be without a phone for that time which is massively inconvenient.

What most people don't know is that they also offer an Express Replacement Service where they send you a brand new white boxed iPhone first and then you can send your phone back within a week once you have backed up all the data etc. This costs £30, which I would normally refuse to pay out of principle that the fault is not mine and it is a waste of money.

However, when I was on the phone to Apple they told me this service was free for EE and 3 customers, because the network pays the charge. This is quite strange because it isn't advertised prominently anywhere, but I was reassured it was a general policy.

So there you go, I used the express replacement service and as promised wasn't charged extra for it. This was far more convenient as I didn't have to be without a phone at all, and the replacement came next day. I thought I'd put this out there just to help other people who may be in the same position and do not know they can get this for free!…one
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Thanks for the information
So they send brand new as a replacement? and is this done via EE or apple?
It's not widely mentioned because of how many scrubs would take advantage and abuse it I guess. Nice service though.
Just been on the phone to apple trying to use this service for faulty home button and was told this service is no longer avalible.
it will be a certified referbished one, (just one they've fixed already). They'll throw yours on the pile to be fixed and forget about it.
Apple don't repair iPhones anyway. They're always replacements.
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