free ipod and love film

    hi am a bit worried
    was foing one of those free ipod things.
    did a lovefilm free trial ...
    entered a new email(made especially 4 dat)
    entered all fake details and a randomly generated credit card number
    they wont let me cancel the account now though and as im 15 i dnt want to ring up and cancel.
    i have reset my ip address but i wont get caught by the police will i?
    i know im in the wrong lol


    Sorry to be harsh but...

    Resetting your ip will not help. IP logs are kept by your ISP so they can track who was doing what at what time. Changing it now does nothing.

    I doubt anything will come of this but when you commit fraud you should be prepared to accept the consequences for you actions. You purposely planned and carried out an act to de-fraud a company of money. If you get caught doing it you deserve the punishment. You should have thought of that before taking that step.

    Original Poster

    i know you werent meaning to be harsh.
    i didnt try to defraud them i wanted to cancel the account as soon as it had started lol.

    Dont worry about police mate.

    Nothing will come of this Im sure:thumbsup:

    "My neighbour must have hacked my WEP key your honour"


    "My neighbour must have hacked my WEP key your honour"

    LOL exactly IP or no IP its impossible to prove you personally did anything;-)

    Apart from fact come on here telling us LOL

    Let us know if your ipod arrives

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    anyway i can delete this topic?


    anyway i can delete this topic?

    And dispose of the evidence sir? We shall not be accessories to your fiendish scheme, lol:giggle:

    And off topic, I just flipped channels and have found a bizarre programme on BBC 3 called: Teens Hooked on porn.
    Glad to see our license fees being spent wisely.


    anyway i can delete this topic?

    Too late the Police will be able to trace this when they take your PC.

    Back on topic: Why can't won't it let you cancel the account? I'm a LoveFilm member myself...

    Think he means wont let him cancel the account for company giving away ipod, not lovefilm?


    and a randomly generated credit card number


    Was it really worth all the anguish for an ipod?! :thinking:

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    oki i dnt think i have anything to worry about now as i have canceled the account with LOVEFILM..
    thanks for the advice guys...

    I am an expert at these free sites (£3300 stuff free so far) and I can tell you that if you don't receive a DVD during the trial you will not keep the offer credit on the free site. So was it really worth it?

    Most of the free sites are starting an over 18 policy now anyway, especially the Giveaway network.

    hi whats the deal with the free ipod, what do you have to do to get one and are there any hidden catches that you have to pay to get one?

    There are no hidden catches you just have to spam all your friends and get them to sign up to things for you. They are banned off this forum because of the volume of spam that comes from them.

    yeah they are terrible!
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