Free Ipods (Is it genuine??)

Found 25th Apr 2005
I know there are lots of scams about regarding free ipods at the moment but it looks like there may well be a genuine way of getting your hands on a free one.

Freeipods.com actually looks genuine and I have done a bit of a google on the site and found quite a few reports about it, all of which are complimentary and state that it is not a con. All you have to do is register with freeipods.com (they don't take credit card details or anything like that) and then click on one of their links and sign up with one of their affiliate companies. I have chose a betting one which requires me to make one £10 bet, I will then not use this account as I always use betfair for my bets. All I have to do then is get another 5 people to do the same and I get a free ipod through the post.

It seems that this is a genuine marketing tactic being used now, ebay have signed up to it in order to increase their membership. I have posted a couple of links below which explain what it is all about. If you are interested click on this link freeipods.comfreeipods.com

wired.com/new…tml Wired

forevergeek.com/fg_…php forever geek

gearlive.com/ind…al/ Gear Live

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US only... :x

US only... :x

you are not missing much!

here is more info on Pyramid Scams/Schemes (worth the read)


All these schemes do is encourage people to post their own personal referral link on every forum that they come across
hmmm, yeah... doesnt really seem right :? .. thanks for that!
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