FREE ITEM only if you find it!...have a look...

    so memorybits sent me an email and this is wha they said:
    200 Free items on our site now!
    Follow this clue: "Hidden in James Bond 007's favourite section"
    Find the item and it's yours for free! Free shipping too!

    pk so what would it be? the only thing i now that its somewhere in the Gifts and Gadgets section. anyone care to help?

    heres the website:…ets


    I'm on to it! There is a USB adaptor fpr £0 but it's oos.

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    is there anymore? theres 199 left!
    and why is this expired?


    is there anymore? theres 199 left!and why is this expired?

    Cos its already been posted,

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    oh ok can u send me the link for that thread please

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    cheers man
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