Free iTunes account. Get album artwork & free stuff WITHOUT credit card details

I searched for this before posting and couldn't see it posted anywhere else. Sorry if its a repeat.
If like me, you use an ipod but dont want to give your credit card details to Apple just so you can get free stuff, heres a workaround I found to create an account without it asking for them.

It also lets you create an account for another country (e.g. US) to get their free stuff as well.

Enough waffle, I've linked to the web page where I originally found it. If I'm not allowed to link to another site, please let me know!


nice one. already signed up anyway with my card, but would have preferred this.

Where is the link, I can't see it.


Where is the link, I can't see it.

I just Goggled 'Free iTunes account' and there seems to be a few legitimate ways of doing this, as I didn't want to give them my credit card details just for free apps I'll be signing up later.
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