Found 22nd Aug 2007
I have 2 codes each worth 3 Itunes.

So two of you can have a 3 free itunes if you ask nicely. :whistling: :w00t:

Just realised i have 1 free Virgin Digital voucher code up for grabs too.


i dont want it but have some rep for being kind.

Original Poster

aawww thank you

Awww such a kind offer, may I bow down and ask politely for a code please :P

(ps: why are you not using it yourself?)

Original Poster

I don't have a ipod or a mp3 player

Course you can have a code, i will pm you one of the codes now.

Moved here.

I'd like a code please if you have any left.

Could i have the other one if it hasn't gone already? I would be ever so grateful.

Original Poster

I have had one pm for one from fuldie, and i think i have enough for greg and fern.

Please close now as all gone

SBrunette you are a STAR! Thanks and rep added

Original Poster

Your welcome and thank you

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