Posted 3 December 2023

Free Nintendo Switch Joycon Repairs

Nintendo offers free repair for joycons with stick drift


Genuine Joycons Only

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  1. how2's avatar
    Are you sure it's free for out of warranty?
    Boyd_Plenderleith's avatar
    Yes, all joycons are repaired no matter the warranty status
  2. spawww83's avatar
    They do fix out of warranty if they have drift, they replaced mine for new and they came back within a week, this was a few weeks ago.
  3. LoR1977's avatar
    It's not free if out of warranty, but the Will give you a quote to fix or in my case they replaced 2 joy Cons with new ones for £41. I did have the option to have them returned for free rather than paying for replacement.
    Boyd_Plenderleith's avatar
    It's maybe a select amount of joycons because I got a free repair on mine
  4. Whitey2048's avatar
    I found out about this last month, it's been the case since April this year, and I've commented about it on a few joy con posts, but it's a great idea to put it up as a "deal" as so few people are actually aware of it. Our switch was bought in 2019, and we had no trouble, getting them back within about a week or so. Can't actually say if we got the same ones back, but in any case they were mint and work perfectly. The only issue you may have is if you have tried any of the many "fixes" which are floating about on YouTube. If you've tamperfered with them and they notice then they may reject the claim, it states that in the online application. I actually stumbled across this replacement scheme whilst looking for a DIY fix solution. If you've not already tried a fix yourself then 100 percent just send them away. (edited)
    Boyd_Plenderleith's avatar
    Shame the mods changed it to a discussion
  5. paddyposh's avatar
    Need to get mine checked out, they very often don’t work when connected to the sides of the switch. I have to take them out (mainly the red one), press the little button so it flashes back to life and use it separated from the screen

    They also pop out of their tracks easier than I’d have thought
    kerrvin123's avatar
    That was the problem with ours and they fixed it for free.
  6. GRW810's avatar
    Anyone know how long it takes to get your joy con back after sending it off?
    Boyd_Plenderleith's avatar
    Around 2 Weeks
  7. ripkord's avatar
    How gracious of them to finally fix an issue that has been widely reported for several years.
    noahsdad's avatar
    They have been doing this for years.
  8. BargainBob's avatar
    Thanks OP,
  9. bob_regis's avatar
    They fixed mine but it didn’t actually fix it. I opened it back up and replaced with metal switch’s and it’s all good.
    jco83's avatar
    metal switch's ?
  10. Lanlith's avatar
    Reminds me one of mine has drift
  11. robert_bear's avatar
    Has anyone sent a screen in for repair? If so how much did it cost? Nintendo we're great at fixing my joycons free of charge, roughly two weeks.
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