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    Dubit believe that young people and families are the best people to promote brands, products and services - not celebrity endorsed television ads!!

    The Dubit Family lets proactive families do exactly this, by actively shaping the way campaigns are run. By becoming part of the panel you and your family will work with some of the UK's top brands.

    Simply apply for the campaigns you'd like to get involved in and you and your family could have the chance to receive the latest products. There's also the chance to earn cash for your efforts!! All you have to do is tell your friends about the brands your family love.

    To register, please complete this short application form:


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    Just left details. Has anyone ever done this panel before?


    Just left details. Has anyone ever done this panel before?

    my daughter and son did one of these each before, and never again. ridiculous amount of work for reward, game usually and usually on league table rewards so you have to involve school friends and bebo stuff mailings etc to annoy your friends and family to join sites etc. hundreds of cards and codes to be entered every week for 10wks ridiculous work for silly reward and mostly unfair. cheap advertising for them tons of pointless results.

    i think its daft and mostly unfair to people in rural areas who have no chance of winning extras or big prizes for the most promotions done. only one event/panel or promotion, held once in a blue moon, most schools ban these now too and i can see why.

    stay clear of sites that want kids to do their promotions for them on the ultra cheap, the agencies get the rewards not the kids here. thats my view. dubit, do without it i say.
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