Free Knife set offer - being hasled by everyones emails!!! Anyone else?

    A few months ago there was a deal n here for a free knife set plus £2.95 postage. Can't seem to find it now, but today I have received 6 or more emails from people complaining some saying that they haven't received there knifes, some saying that they've received these same emails as me and threating me that it is illigal. Anyone else had these? Should I ignore them?



    who are the people that have sent you the emails, and where did they get your email address from

    If you havent sent the emails in the first place then you can ignore them. Bear in mind that those who are 'threatening me that it is illegal' are also on dodgy ground if they are using threatening tones in emails to you whatever the provocation.

    Sounds like the company you gave details to may be misusing your details. Do you have any info on them? Can you contact them?

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    Some of the emails I'm getting are from people like me who are getting emails from other people. It does look like they are trying to email Jean-Partrique (the company I got the knives from) but for some reason they're all coming through to me!! I'll try and contact Jean-Partique myself now butI reckon it will just go to someone else. Who knows!!! Thanks all for advice x x

    I did recieve my knives, there rubbish so wish I hadnt bothered I paid £2.95 for them I think going to check my statements now to check it all isnt a massive con.

    I too am recieving e- mails from everyone some of the names I seem to recognise from reading posts on this forum.

    this offer seems to have popped up at various prices at different times and everyone seems to have problems with it.

    I am getting the emails too. I have emailed them back (and you all will possibly receive it too!) advising that If I receive one more email, I will be speaking with a solicitor. I have received personal details of some people, which is illegal, and a breach of privacy.

    If I hear back from them, shall let you know!

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    Thanks - at least it's not just me then! Luckily, they seemed to have stopped now - not had one since early afternoon. Fingers crossed it's now sorted.
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