free laptop and broadband deal?

    hi. want a laptop with broadband deal that is cheap as chips wont blow a monthly hole in my pocket and that is reliable ??? can anyone help?? thanks


    i went in to PC World yesterday...they had some laptop deal not sure if this is wht your looking for...sorry i didnt look at prices

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    so far all the deals i have seen are like £20 plus per month... if u multiply that by 24 months the cost of the 2 years is v expensive when u look at the price of a laptop off the shelf eg. acer at tesco £199.....???

    the problem is we cant afford to pay out a lump sum. we already have bt option 2 talk and broadband package with a wireless router so if i bought an adaptor it would probablyu work out cheaper to buy a laptop then pay twice to different ISP's?????

    im confused and dont really know what is best. bottom line is , would like a laptop but is it worth it??:thinking:

    [QUOTE=im confused and dont really know what is best. bottom line is , would like a laptop but is it worth it??:thinking:[/QUOTE]


    Go TalkTalk and buy that cheap laptop from Tescos with a credit card.

    buy the acer from tescos, and sign up with o2 broadband, around £10 a month and go through quidco to get the cashback,
    i'm on o2 got mine for £7.50 a month as an o2 mobile customer and only tied in for 12 months.

    Also the call centre is in the UK 24/7, no more annoying calls to India

    they have just been voted number 1 for customer service

    if you want a USB modem o2 have them for £14.69 on a rolling monthly contract, this would give you another option to the o2 home broadband.
    According to their website you would also get a Sony Ericsson 280i mobile free (worth £48.92)
    go through Quidco and get £40 cashback for mobile broadband or £25 if you go with the home broadband.

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    thanks for ideas. think im goin to put it on hold cos its too complicated.
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