free laptop with mobile phone contract. is such deal around?

    im sure i heard such deal before its just that i cant seem to find it now.
    i basically need a normal laptop(not a netbook) which hopefully should come free with a 12 or 18 months mobile phone contract(not mobile broadband)

    if anybody knows something please let me know


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    looks like ]this site used to have some in the past

    Might be of use, see link.…tml?ovchn=GGL&ovcpn=E71&ovcrn=e71&ovtac=PPC&_$ja=kw%3ae71%7ccgn%3aE71%7ccgid%3a847620917%7ctsid%3a8426%7ccn%3aNokia+Handsets%7ccid%3a18241157%7clid%3a317463385%7cmt%3aBroad%7cnw%3asearch%7ccrid%3a2183367257&gclid=CN6o5pTO7ZkCFRSRZgodnmUlRw

    thats the same site as you found !! doh.

    Try here:…op/

    The laptops offered are usually not great though and usually you can find a better laptop for the same amount of extra money that you spend on deals like these.

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    thanks guys. i know i can find a laptop with better specs but its for my flatmate who doesnt wanna spend money. well not 300quid straight away

    im checking the deal now
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