Free large strong blue plastic bags at Clas Ohlson

Last week I was buying a large card in Card Factory and didn't want to pay 5p for one of their thin, flimsy bags, so had the brainwave of trying Clas Ohlson as thought at least 5p there should get me a good one. Was thrilled to find a lovely girl at the till who advised they don't charge for bags! Guess they are too small a company, but they're in all big cities. It's a really nice strong bag fully recycled with a lovely matt feel.


Surely it's nothing to do with the size of the shop? Aren't they allowed to give them away for free if they're made from recycled materials...!?

I guess you've no clue how big of a company Clas Ohlson is?

Plus, it's a freebie, not a deal!
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I'm guessing you just got lucky anyway. I was in a large clothes store last week which gives free paper bags for purchase and a lady had asked for a spare one as the one her friend was carrying had split and she was waiting outside with an armful of clothes. The till assistant refused to give her a new bag unless she came back in with the receipt. I think most shops would be reluctant to hand out free bags now for non customers, otherwise they would overwhelmed by cheapskates. ( not including you in this as you offered to pay for the bag)

Pretty sure it something to do with fewer than 1000 employees?

Clas ohlson - tiny company. Tiny tiny tiny multi-national who are ever expanding.

Love it how people think the world stops at dover!

They had a large store in Norwich but closed it a couple of months ago.

Couldn't you just put the card into the envelope and carry it home?

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Couldn't you just put the card into the envelope and carry it home?

I was getting a train and had other bags to deal with and wouldn't want envelope to look dirty and wrecked for a birthday. This is when bagony ruins lives and I miss free bags.
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