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    Basically, I go to this poor school where everyone are tards. I just finished my GCSE and they said i failed and they believed me. all my friends called me tards and i sat home slitting my wrists.

    a few weeks later, i found out that they got my results mixed up with some ohter tard. i was meant to pass and i was meant to do a levels now. but coz of their mistake, i am sitting gcse again.

    they have ruined a year of my school life and my rep has gone down in my school.

    i want to know where i can find some free lawyers so i can walk into school one day and murk the teachers.

    thanks xxx



    Try at Citizens Advice Bureaux. They'd be able to tell you where you can complain to and if you can get legal aid should you wish to take it further.

    This some sort of wind up?

    Original Poster

    No this is serious. i need to find a free lawyer so i can sue my school


    by your posts i would say stay on the extra year, you need it:thumbsup:

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    dont blame me its not my fault my school is terrible. all i want is a free lawyr i cannt even afford to buy one


    maybe try attending it:thumbsup:

    I agree citizen advice is you best bet -


    by your posts i would say stay on the extra year, you need it:thumbsup:


    In all honesty,isn't this something your parents should deal with?

    I also believe that the correct terminology is 'learning difficulties' rather than 'tards!!:whistling:

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    i sometimes dont hv enuf money to pay for transprt so i go like 3 days a week wich is stil ok.


    well it took me mind off the beko saga for five, so thanks for that, now off to pick the darling up from school, good luck:thumbsup:

    P.s Maybe a rethink on your username, sort of gave it away before you started;-)
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