Free Leappad apps be quick though

Found 1st Jan 2012
Use the following codes for free Leappad app downloads. Two apps but I have 3 codes, not sure which is which Be quicka s one of them was meant to have expired on the 15th of December but I have just downloaded both with no problems.

5813 1140 1518 1413
5813 0790 4610 4973
5813 2648 3927 5027
Alphabet stew game
Super book of awesome stuff

Hope these help someone, nice to have a freebie as the apps are bloody expensive. Wouldn't have bought the Leappad if I had known how pricy the apps were.
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Thank you, just downloaded both. Someone will be happy to see them in the morning.
Thanks a lot OP, brilliant find
The only thing thats expired is Leapfrog emailing the code out, the code worked prior to the promotion and will likely continue for the foreseeable future. The book is a nice find.. Thanks
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Why was this deal moved to Misc? It is blatantly a Freebie, where I posted it, but was moved. Now someone else has posted the same thing in the Freebeies section.
thanks just downloaded both games
still worked today thanks!
Still worked today too :-) xx
hi im being really stupid where do i put the codes? thanks gemma
on the right hand side by your email address you will see account £0 well mine does anyway you will see a box with a triangle pointing down click that and a box will open that says app centre or redeem code click redeem code and enter 5813 2648 3927 5027 for the alphabet stew game then enter 5810079046104973 for the ebook job done
Top 3 codes worked today, last one had expired.
Great find thanks!
just thought i would say they still work , the top two tht is
Just tried these codes for my daughters leappad ultra. Top two still work (27/12/2013). Thanks very much
Just redeemed the top two codes for my son's leap pad ultra today so they are still working - thanks for sharing
I have just downloaded both these today no problem, Net mums may have more up to date codes
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