FREE Legal Protection Insurance for your CAR or BIKE

    Hi all, Ive been looking at this site for a while, always trying to spot a bargain

    So now Ive joined & this is my first post, I hope itll be useful to some of you.

    When you next go to insure your car or motorcycle they always try to sell you legal protection insurance at the same time (anything upto about £20 usually)

    DONT PAY FOR IT! A company called Yourkey give FREE legal protection cover separately regardless of who youre insured with.

    Ive had cover with them for a couple of years now, saved me handing over unnecessary money to insurers on both my car & bike.

    I've never had to use them (thankfully) but don't suppose they're any different to any of the other companies offering legal protection cover, except instead of asking for money off you up-front (for something that hopefully you'll never have to use). They wait until you do need them, then get their fee from another party.

    I hope I've submited this correctly & in the correct section, if not I appologise & hope a moderator will sort it out for me ;-)


    Moved to Miscellaneous for now, thanks.

    Looks good, in fact it looks too good to be true, what's the catch?

    Original Poster


    Looks good, in fact it looks too good to be true, what's the catch?

    There isn't one. - What Your Key does is give you the same legal protection policy you would usually pay for. But in the event of you having an accident, they would then make their money from commissions available from arranging services such as recovery, repair etc.


    One mistake loads make is get legal cover on their car insurance, then go and get in on their home and contents insurance too. Its the same cover! either will cover you for the same thing.

    Thank you I joined up just incase!:thumbsup:
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