Free Line rental Mobile deals (12 mths only)

    Does anyone know of any 12 months Free line rental Mobile deals? Iv had a look on and but could not find any such deals.

    Any suggestions welcomed.


    i'd be interested in hearing a result for this too, they seem to have phased them out??

    can only immediately find a ]6-month SIM-only deal with 150 minutes & 150 txts / month.
    cashback requirements seem straightforward. check retailer cashback rating in forums.

    yeh where have all the 12 month free deals gone!!…asp

    thats one of the few sites i can find doing them

    thats linked from the rainbowmobile site

    no one seems to be doin them for a full 12 months

    if they are its for an 18 month contract

    must be something to do with the operators gettin sick of all the companies goin bankrupt and them gettin the angry customers

    [/SIZE]don't use mobilesoutlet they take orders because the contract is nothing to do with them but don't give cash bach.[COLOR="SeaGreen"]i've been to the place they are not there if you have cancel in the first 7 days then use some one else[/COLOR] they don't exist for cashback:x
    and also dont use
    phoneboxdirect coolnewmobiles mobile2yourdoor these 3 are in administration
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