free live 48hr codes while they last 2 per user

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Found 14th May 2008
hope this is not a breach of conduct here,i have some left over codes that i used before i got my 12 month live and will give them away on here..

just post here and i will try and get to you asap,hope this helps someone out

MOD EDIT- Requesting feedback/rep isn't allowed on HUKDs


are you giving free trails away

ill take 2


are you giving free trails away

if so could i have 2

Original Poster Banned

yeah i am giving these away,


yes please!

Can i have one please. Can give the other one to someone else.

Original Poster Banned

it's ok i am giving out 2 per user while they last if you can leave me rep in return

Hi, can i ahve 2 please. Thanks Holly.

ill have 2 plz if you have any left

Can I have one please, I'm getting an xbox sent very soon

Original Poster Banned

sent to all you guys

can i have some please,thx


sent to all you guys

thanks for the code - rep left :thumbsup:

Original Poster Banned

going to do some work on my abs will get round to anyone else posting after this post so please be patient guys

Any left?

thanks alot rep coming your way, i only wanted the one but thanks alot

Any left lol

can i have one please.

2 please if theres some left :D!

I would like 2 please if you have any left...


thanks asked for one but got 2 a bonus.

Repped ya

Received two codes - much appreciated - feedback left

Original Poster Banned

everyone upto and incl markone has there codes sent

Original Poster Banned

not loads left but still a few but be quick

2 pls

Original Poster Banned

sent huduk

ill take it

Original Poster Banned

soz hukd oops my bad

Cheers Rep left

Original Poster Banned

everyone upto harmzz has one so check your inbox guys and hope i am getting feedback if that's how it works here

If there's any left, can I have 2 ?

can i have some plz

Original Poster Banned

never seen this many people before lol what have i started


rep beggin is frowned upon here, and there really isnt any need to beg either most do have manners

Received, Rep Left Thanks :thumbsup:

Original Poster Banned

oops is that me beggin???? i never meant for that,i have alot of old junk i was gonna give away on here and just thot i could get some feedback never meant anything by that


rep is different to feedback, you are entitled to ask the seller/buyer to leave you feedback, but you are not supposed to ask for rep

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by junk i meant live codes i would never use and some gameboy advance lights i have but no longer require but i won't do that if it is a problem as i do not want to be hated on my first day here

Original Poster Banned


rep is different to feedback, you are entitled to ask the seller/buyer to … rep is different to feedback, you are entitled to ask the seller/buyer to leave you feedback, but you are not supposed to ask for rep

ah i see,what is the difference with rep like??? is that a dumb question??? do you get vouchers or special stuff for it?


rep is the little dots under your username, i personally use it as thanks button, the more you have gves you more voting power but thats about it really, feedback is if you look in the opening post it will have your feedback, it is given from sales so as it builds from sales people can see what you have sol and how the sale has gone, this is left by both seller and buyer, not always left for freebies like this, if you have sold something abit like ebays feedback system

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