Free magazines, ebooks and audiobooks through libraries

Posted 15th Mar
I put a comment about this in a New Scientist deal, but thought I'd post in it's own right in case it was useful to anyone.

A lot of library services offer free online access to magazines, ebooks and audiobooks through agreements with third party services. You can usually find information on your local council's library pages.

For instance, all the Greater Manchester councils offer around 170 magazines through RBDigital along with books and audiobooks through Borrow Box.

You can see the books and audiobooks available at Borrow Box and the magazines at RBDigital

Although the links are for Greater Manchester libraries and so only valid for people living in those council areas, I think it's a pretty standard offering now. I've checked about half a dozen other local authorities around the country and all of them had online services along the same lines (if not identical).

There are iOS and Android apps available (including Kindle Fire) but you can't read them on a Kindle e-ink device (e.g. Paperwhite).
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Yes, it's a great scheme. My library in Angus uses RB Digital as well, and it's fantastic for free audiobooks. I've an old phone I use just for these. You need to be registered with the library, or for all services via a bus pass, which works for everything. Your library will tell you what to do, download the app and off you go!
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