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can anyone recommend a safe free malware removal that would help speed up my laptop. I can only find one's to purchase



malware bytes? Im sure thats free.. well the free version. Dunno if it will scan and clear up withput asking to purchase, its been a long time.
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MalWarebytes and superantispyware.

Both free.

malwarebytes has been a tool I've used to bring a few PCs back from the dead Download Here.

I would also recommend the antivirus Avast if you need one. If you want to speed up your experience on the net then use Firefox with the addon "Adblock Plus". It's superb at filtering out unwanted ad sites that ultimately slow down your web browsing! Subscribe to Easylist and Fanboy's list once it's added to firefox.

Download firefox and follow this link Adblock plus

More tips to speed your computer up is to use Ccleaner to clear you temporary files. Ccleaner. It clears not only temporary internet files, but also temporary system files that may be slowing things down.

I also use JKdefrag as a tool to defrag my HDD. I have had brilliant results with this on older machines as well as new. JKdefrag

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malware bytes, as above

also try spybot & adaware


malware bytes, as abovealso try spybot & adaware

+1 "Spybot S&D" to google

Op, bookmark the following webpage. It is incredibly useful and contains page after page of freeware software (everything you could ever need)

Came in to recommend malwarebytes, buts see I'm a bit late. Highly recommend it

I have been fixing and building pc’s for years for family/friends/myself (For free of course), Malwarebytes well as it has been mentioned in almost every post then that kinda speaks for itself.

Tools you may find useful (For ccleaner)

For Defrag purposes I have used Auslogics Disk Defrag with good results :…tml

My fav is hijack this which is not as complicated as some think:…tml

No one now needs to pretend they are an expert when reading through your hijack log as it will help you here when you paste it into the analyzer (Spelling?) here : (Be careful what you delete) Create a restore point if you are unsure

Keep a note of the mjorgeeks website as that is a useful place also.

Free Antivirus I still recommend AVG, although this is worth exploring further as I am out of date with what is the best free Antivirus alternative, luckily friends family have been buying new Dells with free trials.

All above free, does anyone pay for this stuff? I don’t know why, it is legally free and in many cases pro versions offer little more for the average computer user.

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this has been useful for me too. thank you

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thank you all so much for your help. what a difference it makes when you know what to do.

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