Free Mass Effect Andromeda Nomad Skin and Helmet in game on release, all platforms

    Couldn't see this already posted, but just to let people know if you visit…ive and sign into your EA account (once you'll be able to link in game) you can get some freebies to unlock for the full game.

    If you sign up for updates you'll unlock a shiny looking Nomad Skin. If you watch the 6 briefing videos you'll unlock an 'exclusive pathfinder-grade helmet'. The videos were released progressively over the last few weeks but now you can watch all 6 at once to unlock your loot.

    Seems to work better on an actual computer but the videos can be watched on mobile

    Hope this helps some people, it's nice to get some unlocks no purchase necessary from time to time



    Thank you

    Thanks OP
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