Free mental health support for NHS personnel

Posted 21st Mar
Coming soon...

Many selfless NHS staff are facing the challenge of pandemic and capacity issues - long hours, stress, few breaks, distressed patients, unmet patient needs, lack of resources, and, sadly, death.

Free mental health and wellbeing support is being set up to provide remote access to support (ie. Online videochat appointments) from qualified volunteer clinicians (Clinical Psychologists/ Counsellors).

The site is currently onboarding volunteers to deliver the service, but hopes to be able to start offering the support soon.

In the meantime, or if you do not work for the NHS but want support with your mental health, reach out to a friend, colleague or supervisor or call Samaritans for free on 116 123.…aff
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Please also consider volunteering or passing on to someone you know who is eligible to volunteer (Clinical Psychologists, 2nd year trainees, Counselling Psychologists).
For those within Retail and Retail Supply Chain. You can use the Retail Trust.


Also some good tips for those having to work from home, along with those managing people working form home. Along with dealing with a workplace if soemone has been diagnosed.…-19
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Too little to late. A close friend of mine, internal medicine physician a couple years ago took an overdose. The trust & GMC directly/indirectly made her life miserable despite being a rising star.

The hospital trusts and GMC do not care for doctors well beings, just have to read the evidence.

E.g. case of Dr Eduard Zigar, 25, only found three days after he had hung himself at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham.

This is fantastic but taken a crisis to roll it out.
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