FREE mobile phone, contract with 12 month cashback etc...

    I see many deals posted like this now, with a free phone, then 12 months cashback on a 12 month contact, so in reality it costs nothing.…=af

    So far that is the best deal i have found, nice phone.

    Are there any better phones available on the same type of thing?

    Also is it possible to get deals like these on o2, or unlock this one to o2?




    i dont trust cash backs

    Original Poster Banned

    Im doubtful, but i thought it may be worth a shot

    I have done cash back for my wifes phone for the past three years and with different companies and these have always worked out great.
    Last year we used phoneboxdirect, bit slow on the cheques BUT they did come through.
    I am now with buymobilephones on a cashback and payment is received 56 days after claim and our 1st payment has come through.

    Please be aware if you miss one cashback claim you lose the rest of your claim....I have reminders set in outlook when to send. Sad BUT new phone and free calls with claiming back (we look at this as a form of saving for something else)
    Hope my views help.....
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