Free money again.......

    The formula has come up trumps again.......

    It can be found in this link :-…e=4

    Anyway,,,, £100 win on Golden Bishop Yarmouth 16:20.
    Remember its not a bet........
    Approx £300 profit.
    Betfair giving the most money back....

    Enjoy and remember to say thanks..........


    what do you mean free money? sorry im bit confused!!


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    put £100 on and your return will be approx £400 including your £100.

    and you cant lose the £100?

    and if it doesn't come first how do you still win? *confused*

    what the??!?!?

    This should be another interesting thread. Not sure whether to put a tenner on just for the heck of it.

    Indeed - confused even after reading the andy murray thread

    Original Poster Banned

    Read my post re Andrew Murrey from start to finish.
    I know this is hard to understand and accept but it will come 1st.

    exactly what i thought? How can you be sure we will win. We could all do this and then lose our £100 because if it was just a cert then the odds would be very low!

    me too

    franks got a formula that works it out so he believes (and wants us to believe) that that particular horse will win.
    frank have you factored in the fact that this game is not 50/50 (as apposed to the Murray tennis match)

    im still confused after reading the murray post... care to explain how you think its going to win??

    He is a tipster I think.

    Betting is a mugs game if you can't afford to lose your stake.

    it's 2-1, so I can only win 200. the 300 includes my original 100, so i don't class that as a win

    for a laugh I have put £15 just hope you're right frank! :P


    put £100 on and your return will be approx £400 including your £100. Ea … put £100 on and your return will be approx £400 including your £100. Easy.....

    but doesn't this assume that the horse wins ....... ?

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    I try to bring people in on my "system" and there are alot of people who doubt me.
    I totally understand how you feel.
    All i'm saying and allowed to say is that this is not a bet and enjoy the race.
    Don't put any money on the old nag and watch.....
    Maybe put a couple of quid and enjoy a few free pints.
    I truely dont mine.....

    What the?

    Whoaaa .... posts are going missing, we're in the twilight zone which explains everything ........

    Original Poster Banned

    To jonboy75....
    Betfair gives much better odds than "normal" bookies.....

    To Steeljedi.....


    Moved to misc... a tipoff isn't a deal

    More like he's making money from people joining up with Betfred.

    If I had a pound for every time I've seen a sure thing bet on forums I'd have £4 now.

    I won't be betting but good luck to those that do.

    when is this race then?

    care to explain your formula then frank?


    More like he's making money from people joining up with Betfred.

    He is advocating Betfair and if you don't have an account already go via quidco for a tenner return. So bet a tenner and you get the fun of following this thread for free...…om/


    If this one works, I'll be your friend.and share some of the future profits ;-)

    If I go to america and go through betfair there someone post who wins on here and then with the time difference being 5 hours behind I'll actually know whos going to win before they do

    where and what do I put a bet on, I'm in need of some free cash. Im a member of betfair, then what do I need to do ?

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    AAAGGGHHHHH Here we go again!!!!!!
    ITS NOT A BET !!!!!!!

    As for explaining the formula, yes I could.
    The problem is that if you doubt anything then nothing can be 100%.
    And therefore I would fel even more stupid in telling people.
    All I do is when it comes in I tell people.
    This is only the 6th time this has happened this year.
    So far :-
    3/1 (ie this one)

    I have just had a small flutter, but reading this I am begining to wonder of frank is OFFERING odds i.e. he is the bookie on betfair (not very fair if you KNOW the horse will lose) it is much easier to KNOW a horse will lose than it is to know it will win.

    Either way its only £20 and gives me a little entertainment this afternoon, also I am a sucker for a tip(good or bad lol) so keep em coming Frank.

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    actually , numb3r9 has a point.
    Use quidco if you dont have a betfair account and you have a free £10 investment.
    Sorry, I can't call it a bet......

    Original Poster Banned

    trust me sonyphone,,,,, a few £10s and £20s won't make any differnence to the prices....

    well ive put a bet on...lets see

    Just opened a new account through quidco (with the mrs card details). Put a tenner on and hopefully get £10 back through quidco. At worst i'll have lost nothing.

    I've just put todays poker winnings on this old nag just for the fun of it, so it's only a small stake but it is real money :~)

    i saw darren brown do this once... are you posting a tip of each horse on a different forum?

    Hang, I am not getting any matched bets (whatever that means) and its asking if I want to cancel the bet or take £20 return or keep trying for £28 (I do not understand this.)

    Original Poster Banned

    Now Poker,,,,,,,, Theres a game I realy cannot play!!!!!!!!
    I have played since being a kid and spent 3 years off and on working on a statcal program but it went nowhere.

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