Free money?? Your stories!!

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Found 24th Feb 2010
No Im not giving away free money but I would like to know what you lot do to create that little bit of extra income for nothing.

I have just signed up for a few survey sites, they may take a while to build up the money etc etc but I suppose when you do eventually get something back its a nice feeling.

So what else do you lot do to get free money?

We all like something for nothing......don't we????


i have £125 validated and waiting to be paid at the mo


Be nice to the hubby .....................................................

Oh and top cashback.

put all my old crap on ebay


A job?

Buying/selling on ebay and web sites



quidcoi have £125 validated and waiting to be paid at the mo

02 cashback?

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A job?

you have to work for that... and yes I do work. :thumbsup:

I recently signed up for a few companies to review products, not really free money I know, but I like trying out new things! I did have high hopes but Ive heard nothing back from Boots or Tesco (other than the initial 'panels are full and theres a wait list..' blah blah), the other website only sent me one product despite me doing numerous reviews, so now I dont bother!
But maybe you could look into that route too, being on tester panels etc (I ended up disheartened and out of patience!)??

Do u have a tesco clubcard/sainsburys nectar card etc, if ur doing your shopping may as well get points for it.

just had tesco vouchers from over xmas and got £16 worth, can save them up

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I have just received my club card.


I have just received my club card.

they are still giving double points on everything so it all mounts up and the vouchers they send are valid for about 3 years which is handy

So far seen no responses that give money for doing nothing (or spending nothing)
Sort this conundrum out and then let me know when you..

learn how to turn lead in to gold
discover the secret of eternal youth
build a bug free operating system.
I won't hold my breath. ;-)


02 cashback?

£90 from a vodafone contract
£30 from AA home insurance
and the £5 is bits and bobs from diff sites

hope it pays out soon these are all from late last year

If you're looking for money which is absolutely free then you're not going to get much. The most I've ever got for doing 'nothing' (i.e. not purchasing something and getting cashback) was a quid for doing some survey. Hardly worth it as it took bloody ages - probably used that much money in electricity!

I think the best thing you can do is save money. Cut down your energy consumption, spend less at the supermarket, work some extra hours, etc .. much more effective ways of gaining some extra cash.

Oh and cashback from Quidco / Topcashback, as previously suggested, are worth signing up to. Just make sure you only buy things you actually need!


Oh and cashback from Quidco / Topcashback, as previously suggested, are … Oh and cashback from Quidco / Topcashback, as previously suggested, are worth signing up to. Just make sure you only buy things you actually need!

the money i'm waiting for from quidco is just a bonus cos i needed to renew my phone and home insurance anyway
i wouldn't buy anything just to get the quidco

the most i got for free was from a deal that was on here when i first signed up... the one on the lottery website, they gave you £20 in credit if you put £5 on your account... that was a beautiful time


Become a MP - ZING!

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I think people have misunderstood me here. While there is no such thing as free, doing surveys for money hardly constitutes hard work and if you have nothing to do then doing a survey every now and again could get you a bit of cash. Im not after suggestions as such I just wondered what people do. I joined up to these survey sites years ago and got really fed up of it. This time around I decided to challenge myself and try to get something from them.!

Was wondering if people had any odd ways and also stories about how much they got.
Im not after help at all, was just interested!!

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Just to add i also use quidco which is great when it pays off but I think some people take it as a given when it clearly isn't.

i would like to earn some extra cash online can anyone tell me these sites for surveys/panels etc would appreciate it

I've got lucky off bingo sites before where you get a free deposit for signing up and sometimes win off it- if you want to withdraw your winnings you have to deposit money, but can withdraw it back out again if that makes sense. Can be worth a punt! Last one I got £65 winnings, was 888ladies.
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