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Free Morrisons The Best Prosecco via My Morrisons (Select Accounts)

Posted 14th Dec 2021
I've just seen on the my Morrisons app that they are offering a free bottle of prosecco on my next shop. No minimum purchase stated just collect before the 19th Dec.

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    Lucky you! I've got discounts off coleslaw, olives and that's it. Prefer the old points system.

    Enjoy the bubbly!
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    Lol I got a free Cadburys selection box worth £1... Grateful for that but now feel slightly short changed
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    Wow, I got 10% off…wait for it…contain yourself…wonky potatoes
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    Lol, sorry everyone thought it might be more widespread. Not sure why Morrisons think I in particular need a drink!
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    10% off Diet Coke and 50p off crisps for me
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    Thats a Better deal than me Morrisons offered me £0.50p off my next purchase of crisps how bad is that ,they know were they can shove the crisps straight up the crisps aisle
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