Posted 4th Nov 2019

Free movies on Rakuten tv. Older films but free is free. Search in the app or browser to see the free section
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    Should be in freebies section
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    Anonymous User
    Nice! Opinions may vary but I think there's some decent films there. Thanks jacenj.
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    Can someone tell me how to find the free section, please?
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    Anonymous User
    Okay they are quite decent thanks op
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    Wow, never knew there was a free section. Many movies are quite "recent" within the last 5-7 years. Wonder if the selection changes every few days. Thanks Op
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    MBOX400005/11/2019 20:05 says "You can watch this content free with ads."

    Thanks, MBOX4000
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    I can watch a free film on my PC but not via my DVD player's Rakuten app, even though it appears in the app's watch list. Is this right?
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    Absolute waste of time