Free music (not illegal or warez!)

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Found 3rd Jan 2007
You Can now use AOL's singing fish search to download mp3 music direct FREE!
This is a great alternative to p2p, warez and bittorrent etc...
No popups, no spam, no registration etc..
Just free music and video search!
Thought id share coz it wasnt allowed in the "freebie" forums but i found it very useful!
Just click mp3, search for summit and then right click the name and choose "save target as"!
Also works for AVI, MPG etc...
And it lists real-tone ringtone mp3's too! (why pay?!)


Doesn't it come to the same thing though? Just because someone has hosted the files on their website doesn't make it legal?

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Its legal to download music, its illegal to download copyrighted material without owning the originals/prior permissions etc...
Use how you wish.
Legal or Illegal?

AOL must have covered all the terms etc... to be able to do this!

I think it's just a file format search though right? It's not any different than if google has illegal results in its search result list. They just search for anything with the file format .mp3 and with file name or surrounding text that match your search string. More or less like Google image search but with .mp3's.

I'm not coming down on you adamck, just pointing out that it's not necessarily a carte blanche to legal downloads.

Here it is:


As a search engine, we enable users to find and view all sorts of media. … As a search engine, we enable users to find and view all sorts of media. We can't be responsible for what people post to the Web, and we can't be responsible for what you do with it when you find it. For additional information, please read our official "DMCA Take Down Notice", below. Information concerning copyright infringement claims Singingfish scans thousands of servers on the Internet for multimedia files, which you may locate and read about, through our search engine results. The search results interface contains links to other Web sites. Singingfish neither controls nor endorses such other Web sites, nor reviews or approves any content appearing on them. Singingfish does not assume any responsibility or liability for any materials available at these Web sites, or for the completeness, availability, accuracy, legality or decency of these sites.

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oh no never said it was but if u dont wish to put your card details on the net or use porn filled popup warez sites then this is a good alternative.
Can be done in google but the way you filter filetypes in google baffles me so this is plain and simple and one of the only ones ive seen.
Just easy and something i have used in the past to save me time.
If u wish to use it then do so im not after any rep or anything! lol

Admin is saying that downloading the songs is very possibly illegal though for 90% of them!!

Is this linked with the all the palava over
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