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    Recently the app changed my option to search for music on YouTube, to Soundcloud. Is there anyway I can change it so I can get music off YouTube. Thanks for any help


    Just use Spotify surely much easier?

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    Just use Spotify surely much easier?

    This app allows me to download videos and use the audio offline, its just recently it changed to Soundcloud, meaning a far more limited amount of content.

    Is this on pc or android? If on Android you'll just have to reset all default applications. Then the next time you try to use the app it'll ask you what app you want to open it with. If pc, just go on YouTube and when the video is playing just type "magic" between you and tube and it'll take you to a download page.

    Jdownloader 2 is very handy

    Will download higher bitrate audio from anywhere

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    Its on Iphone, its only recently happened, i have over 400 songs on it. Hopefully there's an update that fixes this issue
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