FREE Netflix Slot for 1 month for Christmas! Giveaway

Posted 24th Dec 2021
Hello all.

This is just my way of giving back to the community which has saved me money (or cost me depending on how you look at it ) throughout the years!

Hopefully a family can benefit and enjoy a few films/shows together throughout the holidays!

Just to be clear, this is my own giveaway and is not linked to HUKD.

Drop a message on here if you'd like a Netflix slot for 1 month. I will choose a winner at random between 10pm-11pm tonight.
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    Nice offer, well done and merry Christmas to you

    (don't include me in the draw)
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    Yes please . Merry Christmas
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    Lots of great content on Netflix, merry Christmas:)
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  5. Avatar
    That's really generous of you, happy Christmas ⛄🌲🎅
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    Always nice when you see people giving stuff away
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    This is really nice of you. Merry Christmas. I have access to Netflix so don’t include me.
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    Don't need it but that's a nice gesture OP!
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    Yes please and happy holidays
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    Will use random generator to draw from the 6 people who entered...

    No way! It chose the last person! Will send private message now.
    Edited by: "jaguark" 24th Dec 2021
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