Posted 14th Nov 2021
Just seen this via the Mysky app! Check your accounts subscribers!
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    "Requires new 18-month minimum term on Sky Signature"
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    sm969014/11/2021 12:49

    "Requires new 18-month minimum term on Sky Signature"

    I mentioned this in the 4 months free kids pack that was posted a day or 2 ago
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    Just a small bribe to tie you into another 18 month contract.
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    Only ones worth doing are the Ultra HD and Kids, get your 2 months free give your 31 days notice after the first month, no contract tie ins or extensions etc .
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    This has come up on my account and yeah, not sure about signing up if it means they lock you in to another contract...
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    Thanks both - yes I got an email saying another 18 months, but can cancel within a month. I don’t really watch Netflix at all, so not really worth it. But might just try and binge Squid Games then cancel instead.
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