Free Netgear router (possibly*)

    Was browsing advice on setting up free VOIP to stop cold calling and stumbled across SamKnows (via MSE) which states that you can sign up for free and get a FREE netgear router (possibly*).....

    "Since 2008, SamKnows has been campaigning for clearer information about actual broadband performance. What we've found in the last two years is that we're not alone in wanting this. We've been joined in our campaign by consumers, campaigners, ISPs, governments, hardware manufacturers and application designers.

    If you're a consumer in either the United States or the United Kingdom and you're interested in finding out more about your broadband connection - you can join our projects with the FCC and Ofcom. We receive emails from people all over the world and are looking to launch projects in other countries, so watch this space.

    You'll receive a free Netgear router so you can measure the actual performance of your ISP. You'll also get a monthly Report Card on the performance of our ISP that compares what you're getting with what you're being sold, benchmarked against the whole panel. This report card can be used by ISPs to diagnose any issues with your connection and improve your performance without you having to go to the trouble of switching ISP. Everyone's a winner!

    We'll also soon be available as standard on a series of routers and modems which you will be able to buy yourself and we’ll automatically start providing you with data, free of charge."

    * The possibly bit - on page 2 (when you click sign up for UK broadband study) they have this text......

    "We like to think that we're a pretty welcoming bunch but please note that not everyone who registers here will necessarily receive a unit - we do however thank all of you for trying to make UK broadband better."

    First time post so BRING IT ON!!

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    Moved to Misc, thanks for the info.
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