1. Cadburys Deals

    Free New creme egg twisted bars!!!!

    Go to cremeeggtwisted.com/
    click on the box and fill in your details

    Lets try and knock BK vouchers off the top!!!!!


    Oooh I have had about five - not in one go. They are gorge:thumbsup:

    They are lovely, yummy

    Original Poster

    wont log me in either :-S

    edit: just created new account


    Heat added. Excellent find.
    What is the answer to the question?
    I guessed it was all year round.

    Original Poster


    Heat added. Excellent find.What is the answer to the question?I guessed … Heat added. Excellent find.What is the answer to the question?I guessed it was all year round.

    I put graham :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


    System won't log me in:x

    Yum yum, here's hoping!

    Entered,can't wait.

    Nice one. Hope I get one!

    Yay Free Choco

    Surely this should go in the competition section?

    These look yummy:w00t:


    but it is a comp not a certainty (better get buying to be on the safe side...) ;-)


    nice find. hot

    cool find - heres hoping i get my free choc!!!! :pirate:

    entered thanks

    As mentioned before this is a competition not a freebie. Please relocate this to the correct forum.


    you have to give your mobile number to enter. is it worth it for the chance of a chocolate bar?

    btw: it has to be a VALID mobile number so it won't work by guessing.

    This is a competition. Only 1000 free eggs available according to the T&C:

    The prize fund consists of one thousand (1000) prize of Cadbury Creme Egg Twisted Bars, of which there can only be one bar per winner.

    If there are more than one thousand (1000) entries then the winning entries will be drawn at random from all the correct entries received.

    Oh, they are lovely!!

    It's not free it's a competition and only lucky winners will win one. Misleading...............


    Heat Added, Thanx :-)



    Moved to Comps

    As others have said, the title here is misleading, it's a competition.

    Love these, but they are not free you have to win one. Wrong place.

    Original Poster

    i was gonna go out and get one but i forgot lol. Where they stock them??

    edit: jus seen tesco.com does so tesco must


    Try this, maybe:http://www.cremeeggtwisted.com/competition/?accessible

    cheers, I was able to log in with this one but not the original one, cant wait to try it

    Thanks, great find

    Will give em a go, don't usually like creme eggs. but seeing as i might get a free one!


    Did anyone actually get any of the creme eggs they were giving out a few months ago ??


    Oops double post :oops:

    Original Poster

    i didnt lol

    Did someone chocolate.....shared one other day with someone at work - very nice. shame they didn't let me have the whole bar!!
    Sickly but lovely - thats what creme eggs are anyway but in a bar.

    thaks, voted hot
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