Free new e-zine 'Good Bad Ugly' Monthly mag. (Swearing features)

I have had notification of a new online magazine called Good Bad Ugly.

I would say from quick perusal that it's aimed at 20s-30s, there are references to swearing, but looks artsy and quirky at the same time, worth a little gander as seems a comic read.

Hello, Hello, Hello

Yes Good Bad Ugly is here,

So Good Bad Ugly is another one of those e-zines that keep cropping up, but Good Bad Ugly is actually different honest! Were here to try and bring you a half decent magazine for free. Yes for free for FREE!

If you think about how often do you spend £4 on a magazine and feel robbed? Belittled? Disappointed? Saddened? Angry? Or Frustrated? Well it happened to us at Good Bad Ugly a lot. In fact almost every time we bought a magazine at least one of those things buzzed through our head. So we set about building our very own magazine. Take a look and decide what you think, hopefully youll avoid some of those emotions as you wander through Good Bad Uglys very first issue, the TV Issue.

Check it out and find I6 pages of irreverent, hopefully entertaining, possibly artistic, different, inventive (well it could be?),free and completely independent goodness.

Let us know what you think once youve read it.…/1/

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An e-zine isn't really a freebie... moving to misc. Thanks
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