Posted 19 November 2023

Free newspapers, magazines, books and audiobooks

Two great apps,

LIBBY, download and link you library card, huge amount of magazines, books and audiobooks free. Only downside is there is sometimes a queue and a restricted length you can hold before you reborrow, but solid app with huge content.

PRESSREADER app, again go into the settings and just link your library card and the free content is staggering, no need to return or length restrictions.

Pressreader is better for newspapers, over Libby, both great for magazines. Was looking for the New Yorker and national geographic for example, and if not on one they were on the other.

No found a magazine or newspaper that i know about or wanted that not been available on day of publication.

Also, if you dont have a library card, my other half created one online in under 10 minutes.

Outstanding free (tax payer funded i assume) resource.

(Some libraries may use borrowbox)
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  1. DaveG46's avatar
    Our local library us Borrow Box app
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    Nice good to know, I'll add it
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  3. booboy2's avatar
    Brilliant post

    Really appreciate it, thank you!
  4. stuffandthangs's avatar
    Thank you for this, very helpful
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    I appreciate your response, you are clearly a wonderful person.
  5. aLV426's avatar
    There is also a free service called BorrowBox
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    Yeah, i mentioned in the OP, but not something I'm hugely familiar with.
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  7. Foxie's avatar
    Ulibrary too
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