FREE Next-Day delivery by 1pm on ANYTHING @

Here's an easy way to 'upgrade' your Prime trial from 'free Next-Day delivery' to the Premium 'Next-day by 1pm' service

Went to place an order with Amazon for some new WD Greens and noticed that there is an option to select one-day delivery with a free trial of 'Amazon Prime'.

Selected the Trial and then noticed a new delivery option 'Next-day delivery by 1pm'.

Perfect .. except that this option costs an additional £4.49 PER ITEM!

So I went on to the live chat and told the guy I needed the order tomorrow morning.

He REMOVED the £8.98 delivery charge!

Wife asked the same thing before she just placed an order for 20 boxes of Nakd bars - the Amazon agent also removed the charges!

02:01 PM BST : It's okay - shipping is free with Prime
02:02 PM BST Amazon(Amazon): Cool
02:02 PM BST :
Want it tomorrow, 25 July? Order it within 4 hrs 57 mins and choose One-Day Delivery at checkout. Details

02:03 PM BST Amazon(Amazon): Yes, please use that option while placing the order, if you see any additional charges on delivery I'll remove the charges.
02:03 PM BST : Shame the 'get it by 1pm' option is £4.49 per item
If I choose that option, can you also remove the charges!

02:03 PM BST Amazon(Amazon): I'll stay online till you complete the order.
Yes. We will remove the charges.
Please place the order.
02:04 PM BST : To confirm, if I choose
£4.49/item Express Delivery : get it by 1pm tomorrow, Friday, July 25
You will refund the charges?
02:04 PM BST Amazon(Amazon): Yes.
02:04 PM BST : Wow, amazing
02:04 PM BST Amazon(Amazon): Please place the order, I'll stay online till you finish the order and once you place the order, I'll remove the charges.
02:05 PM BST : Doing it now
Order Number: 202-XXXXXXXXXXXXX
02:07 PM BST Amazon(Amazon): I've removed the shipping charges. Please check the order and confirm.
02:07 PM BST : Just a moment
02:08 PM BST : Grand Total: £XXXXXX
02:08 PM BST Amazon(Amazon): You’re welcome. Is there anything else I can help you with today?
02:08 PM BST : You've made my day. Thank you so much!
Enjoy the weekend
02:08 PM BST Amazon(Amazon): It was pleasure assisting you.
Thank you for contacting Amazon. We hope to see you again. Have a great day.


You should have also asked why their Prime Next-Day delivery is now often delayed to 2 days.

I don't think this counts as a deal.

What's a deal about this ha

Original Poster

If a potential saving of £4.49 per item is not worth 2 mins, then you guys are richer than I am

Pointless and it's about an order you have placed and queried the delivery time and by luck from a Amazon Agent you have got it for 1pm. This will not apply to anyone else as it's not a deal, so cold for me. Probably 1 in 50 that tried your method would be successful so the other 49 would definitely be voting cold

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If a potential saving of £4.49 per item is not worth 2 mins, then you … If a potential saving of £4.49 per item is not worth 2 mins, then you guys are richer than I am

It's not a deal though, you can't guarantee that the Amazon operator will give you the refund, it's luck of the draw, no-one is discrediting the saving but it belongs in Misc as a heads up to how nice Amazon customer service is in your case.

Thanks for posting, more of a heads up so thread moved to Misc

I get 9/10 of my super saver delivery items within 2 days anyway
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