Free Nintendo DS Game - Winner Drawn Midnight Saturday 20th June -

I'll send the winner a Mystery Boxed UK Nintendo DS Game With Instructions (please state whether you would prefer a boys or a girls game)

If you don't you're not in the draw.
If anyone posting before you has posted the same animal then you are not in the draw,
If you edit your post you're not in the draw

Think very carefully what and when you post, this one could catch you out

Draw will be made midnight on Saturday with all successful entries

Alligator - loupomm
*aardvark - sumoqueen + godfatherman *ELIMINATED*
blue footed breasts - madnutta
Buffalo - deejaychaos
Butterfly - vicki4903
BMR - beaver
Cat - Francescaseaman
cow - michelleleemoo
Dog - Oldmanhouse
Cuckoo - r13lah
chinchilla - ttwcd
Cheetah - spike
civet - kazzer67
degu large gerbil type thing - kelly o fanatic
Dinosaur - 128 Plant (amongst many others)
Eagle - apples33
*Elephant - mbgringo + Indra 25 **ELIMINATED**
Ferret - falsey73
Gecko - mai
Giraffe - AshleyRFC
Goldfish - Starr
Hamster - paul1234
hammerhead shark - borolad94
Hippo - Charlie2 (i'll allow the typo :P)
Jellyfish - Femstar
Kangaroo - krazie2004
koala - hannah 19790
Komodo Dragon - seancampbell
leopard - bargainhunter2009 (kudos on the DP)
Lemur - H_K
Liger - odriscoll/scouse
lynx - met-cast
meerkat - diva1977
Monkey *roosterpots*
moose - mrsj2008
Armoured Dildo - Mrs Pearce + Gin
Ostrich - mrdsp
penguin - mummysangels
Panda - Patchy 987
parrot - missismop
Pepperami - BillyX (allowed this for originality and as i can't prove they don't exist in the wild)
Polar Bear - spikeyjacko
Possum - foxymissroxy
Rabbit - mum2connor&cerys
seahorse - fern37
Tazmanian Devil - harlzter
Tiger - Ricardo Kaka
tortoise - bitseylango
Wallaby - octobergirl
Zebra - masterruckus
zedonk (wtf) - ilovepink


cuckoo count me in lol

Zebra girls game please

ferret boys game plse

elephant boys game

Giraffe, girls game.

cat please count me in


Ostrich. Boys Game

Monkey, boys game


Polar Bear, and a boys game please

Dhippo girls game count me in

Goldfish Boys

Original Poster

Some good choices so far.

I think to make it especially cruel, if someone later on duplicates your animal, then you're out of the draw too :P

Makes for a hectic nervous wait til midnight for all of you!

tiger, Boys Game Please


lemur please count me in....im assuming you mean the name of a species and not the name of a famous animal?

i'd be grateful of either game,x

alligator girls please

Kangaroo. Count me in.

Hamster, boys game please

Geko, boys game pls


wow rep for the listing efforts!

Original Poster


wow rep for the listing efforts!

I'm nothing if not a consumate professional :thumbsup:

Jellyfish - Boys plz

Dog :-D
Girls game please

Possum - boys please thanks you

meerkat and girls game plz

Elephant, Boys Game Please

panda, girls game

very generous of you

cheetah, boys please

Leopard. Girls game please!

Original Poster


Elephant, Boys Game Please


elephant boys game

Sorry guys, you're the first out!

eca, what does kudos on the dp mean? leopard - bargainhunter2009 (kudos on the DP)

buffalo - boys plz

Rabbit - Girl

Original Poster


eca, what does kudos on the dp mean? leopard - bargainhunter2009 (kudos … eca, what does kudos on the dp mean? leopard - bargainhunter2009 (kudos on the DP)

It means i like your picture, big prison break fan :thumbsup:

pepperami... it's an animal!

Komodo Dragon



It means i like your picture, big prison break fan :thumbsup:

Oh ok, cool. Thanks, I am too!

Butterfly girls

Armadildo, I mean Armadilo, oohh to many Gin and bitterlemons! lol girly game please

Tazmanian devil, boys please.

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