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Free Nobel (like Aga) double oven range cooker. Collect before Tues 14th July, Llanidloes Mid-Wales

Posted 12th Jul 2009
I've seen various people discussing Agas, Rayburns etc in the money saving forum, and I've been helping someone do their kitchen. Except, the person who was taking the range cooker has let us down, and now we're stuck. These things go for £300-£900 on ebay given enough time, and much more when reconditioned - unfortunately, we don't have the time, and need it moved out within the next couple of days, so if you've been after an Aga style range cooker, this is your chance.
Here are some pictures:

It's in Llanidloes, mid-Wales, apparently 2 hours drive west of Birmingham. Google maps is your friend!

We've disconnected it, taken a lot of the heavy stuff out, and it's ready to shift. It's still VERY HEAVY (around half a ton) so you'll need some kind of roller to roll it on. And we want it gone quick. Like this weekend, Monday latest.
So if you're in a position to move, let's do it. I'm only helping out until Monday night, and trust me, you'll need every strong pair of hands you can get! This is NOT something 2 or 3 people can lift onto a van by hand.

It's a Nobel (virtually same as Aga, now owned by Redfyre) 2 oven oil-fired wick-based (evaporative) range cooker in the style of Aga / Rayburn. It has not been converted, modified or meddled with as far as we know, and runs on standard home heating oil (28 second kerosene, although I believe other people have modified their cookers to run on everything from diesel to used chip fat!).

Dimensions: w: 980mm h: 835mm (1300mm with lid raised) d:790mm

Please see pictures for further information, which suggests it does NOT need to be disassembled completely for transport.

There is one step down from the front door so please take this into account. The rest is up to you.

It heats hot water and 2 radiators. The owner has been told that the hot water module is optional and may be removed from the rear of the cooker by two bolts. The burner runs fine but is not a controlled type - it just burns silently and constantly at whatever you set it to.

There is an electrical element inside for grilling/oven in case of oil running out.

We believe this was installed new in 1996 - there's an (expired) guarantee and full instructions with that date written on.
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are u saying this is free to collector?
There are no completed listings on ebay for anywhere near 900 the most i can see is £300

I must be missing something but also is this your listing: *********.co.uk/Nob…ted

item number: 190317132319

If so you couldnt even sell it for £25 or £50 bin price.

I think you are exagerating a bit here!!
will a local scrap merchant not take it?

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